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Twinkle Waterglobes

These wonderland waterglobes (snowglobes) of nature, fairies and ocean have entranced 'Collectors' of all ages. A simple shake sends a swirl of snow or glitter cascading over an endearing scene. All the magic is captured in a high quality music mechanism, making beautiful and soothing melodies. Twinkle's waterglobes (snowglobes) consist of mainly three different functions, movement, light effect and music.

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Twinkle Waterglobe Heavenly Lute
Heavenly Lute


100mm diameter


Function: music, rotates, Tune Name: Minuet No. 3

Twinkle Waterglobe A Little Boy's Prayer
A Little Boy's Prayer


100mm diameter


Function: music, Tune Name: How Great Thou Art

Twinkle Waterglobe Wedding Couple
Wedding Couple


100mm diameter


Function: music, rotates, glitter, Tune Name: Mendelssohn Wedding March