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Gund Bears
For more than a century, Gund has been creating unique teddy bears and other soft toys recognized the world over for their quality and innovation. Gund is known worldwide for its top quality, soft and huggable plush designs. Award-winning Gund products appeal to all ages, from infants up, and are perfect for both play and collecting.
Gund Bears Twiggy Collection Limited Edition.
The Gund Twiggy collection has been created by Twiggy and bears artist Helen West.
  Name Code Height Price  
Gund Teddy Millie Millie
Limited Edition of 250
45166 14" £119.95 ADD
Gund Teddy Lucy Lucy
Limited Edition of 300
45168 12.5" £84.95 ADD
Gund Bears Mohair Collection Limited Edition.
Special Sale Prices.
Genuine mohair fully jointed limited edition Gund bears.
  Name Code Height Price  
Gund Teddy Shotsie Gund Mohair Bear - Shotsie
(was £94.00)
9533 38cm £50.00 ADD
Onslow Gund Mohair Bear - Onslow
Limited Edition of 300
44699 14cm £24.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Albie Gund Mohair Bear - Albie
Limited Edition of 150
44701 36cm £84.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Butterball Gund Mohair Bear - Butterball
Limited Edition of 200
44702 22cm £44.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Radar Gund Mohair Bear - Radar
Limited Edition of 150
44703 14cm £24.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Benjamin Gund Mohair Bear - Benjamin
Limited Edition of 750
9512 14cm £17.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Matthew Gund Mohair Bear - Matthew
Limited Edition of 750
9513 14cm £17.99 ADD
Gund Bears Classic Pooh.
  Name Code Height Price  
Gund Teddy Bears Tigger Gund Classic Tigger 79023 39cm £34.99 ADD

Gund Bears

  Name Code Height Price  
Gund Teddy Bear Abram Sr Abram Sr. 15247 48cm £18.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Asher Asher 88650 29cm £8.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Bandy Bandy 15137 40cm £19.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Big Shiver Big Shiver 88605 29cm £10.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Blizzard Blizzard 11013 30.5cm £10.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Dreyfus Dreyfus 88388 36cm £23.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Dunham Dunham 88580 29cm £12.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Dylan (extra large) Dylan (extra large) 15105 86.5cm £89.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Elkins Sr Elkins Sr. 88593 31cm £13.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Flurry Flurry 88641 30cm £13.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Gundy Gundy bear 20004 25cm £23.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Holiday Garstang Holiday Garstang 88596 36cm £14.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Mooky Mooky 88568 39cm £14.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Mylar Mylar 88584 36cm £19.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Nollie Nollie 88578 38cm £15.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Saffron Saffron 15253 28cm £7.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Snowdrop Snowdrop 88574 30cm £11.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear The Snowman The Snowman 45114 37cm £15.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Standing Snowman Standing Snowman 45124 26cm £10.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear The Snowman Bean Bag The Snowman Bean Bag 45115 19cm £5.99 ADD
Gund Teddy Bear Snowstorm Snowstorm 88406 40cm £17.99 ADD
Baby Gund Bears.
Special Baby Gund Bears. Loveable, soft, cuddly comforting textures. Either machine or surface washable.
  Name Code Height Price  
Gund Teddy Bear Pokey Pokey Baby Gund(musical) Bear 58399 30cm £14.99

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