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Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures Secrets

New from Arora Designs - Secrets from Hidden Treasures. Unique designs, are hand cast in pewter, then painted with vibrant enamels and finally embellished with Austrian crystals, all trinket boxes contain a matching pendant necklace.
Hidden Treasures - Secrets
  Name Code Height Price  
Robin Robin ST-1030 6.5cm £33.00 ADD
Blue Tit Blue Tit ST-1031 6.5cm £33.00 ADD
Wren Wren ST-1032 7.5cm £33.00 ADD
Kingfisher Kingfisher ST-1033 7cm £33.00 ADD
Mallard Mallard ST-1034 5.5cm £27.50 ADD
Swan Swan ST-1035 4.5cm £27.50 ADD
Dolphin Dolphin ST-1037 7.5cm £33.00 ADD
Kestrel Kestrel ST-1039 8.5cm £33.00 ADD
Baby Elephant Baby Elephant ST-1040 5.5cm £27.50 ADD
Penguin Penguin ST-1041 5.5cm £33.00 ADD
Panda Panda ST-1042 5.5cm £27.50 ADD
Frog Frog ST-1043 5cm £27.50 ADD
Barn Owl Barn Owl ST-1044 7cm £33.00 ADD
Peacock Peacock ST-1045 7.5cm £27.50 ADD
Meerkat Meerkat ST-1052 9cm £27.50 ADD
Hare Hare
NEW 2017 Introduction
ST-1055 4.5cm £33.00 ADD
Hedgehog Hedgehog
NEW 2017 Introduction
ST-1056 4.5cm £33.00 ADD
Ladybird Ladybird
NEW 2017 Introduction
ST-1057 4.5cm £33.00 ADD
Polar Bear and Cub Polar Bear and Cub
NEW 2017 Introduction
ST-1058 4.5cm £33.00 ADD
Little Owl Little Owl
NEW 2017 Introduction
ST-1059 4.5cm £33.00 ADD

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures are the new and exciting award winning range of ornate enamel trinket boxes from Arora Design. These highly collectable items won Gift of the Year in 2003. Hand cast in pewter, twenty four carat gold or silver plated then enameled with unique colours to produce a gift of distinction. As the name suggests all Hidden Treasures have a miniature cameo on a gold or silver chain secreted inside. Presented in a silk lined gift box these make an ideal gift.
Hidden Treasures - Musical Instruments
  Name Code Size Price  
Trumpet Trumpet HT-190 10cm £37.50 ADD
Electric Guitar Electric Guitar HT-192 10cm £37.50 ADD
Hidden Treasures - Animals
  Name Code Size Price  
Bunny Rabbit Bunny Rabbit HT-175 5.5cm £28.50 ADD
Donkey Donkey HT-138 8cm £30.50 ADD
Koala and Cub Koala and Cub
(Collectors Club Special)
HT-180 9cm £46.50 ADD
Manx Cat Manx Cat HT-129 5cm £32.50 ADD
Tiger Mother and Baby Tiger Mother and Baby
Limited Edition 2009 Year Piece
HT-154 15cm £87.95 ADD
Hidden Treasures - Birds
  Name Code Size Price  
Blue Tit On Tap Blue Tit On Tap HT-042 7cm £31.50 ADD
Cockatiel Cockatiel HT-COC 8.5cm £36.50 ADD
Snowy Owl Snowy Owl HT-185 6.5cm £37.50 ADD
Toucan Toucan HT-TOU 5.5cm £30.50 ADD
Hidden Treasures - The Wizard of Oz
  Name Code Size Price  
Scarecrow Scarecrow HT-157 8cm £36.50 ADD
Hidden Treasures - Heritage
  Name Code Size Price  
Fergie Tractor Fergie Tractor HT-120 7cm £41.00 ADD
Jack in the Box Jack in the Box HER-JIB 7.5cm £31.50 ADD

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